I’m ready for a project bike. It will be a Suzuki Savage LS650 and shall be turned into the cafe racer which I will then comfortably sell for no profit. I am very comfortable breaking even. I just want to build it.

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New project in the planning stages, and here is a sneak peek of the initial sketch.

I have been taking break from bike building over the summer, but with the weather getting cold and cabin fever already starting to kick in I’m getting the urge to build again. 

The plan for this build is to start with the homely Suzuki in figure. A and turn it in to figure. B, a 100% street legal modern day board track racer. Stay tuned over the coming months to see how this all comes together.

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I can’t wait for this


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Stop for water when you need it.

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Throwback 2003 J. Cole Victory Freestyle 17 years old Look at that T-Shirt tho! haha bout 6XL he was taking it way back!

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