This HR dept doesn’t negotiate with Terrorists.

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kfc doesn’t even have to try anymore they’re just like come get your fucking bucket of fat you piece of shit


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Best Craigslist post ever:

"Hey there junior badass, ever feel like there’s a caged animal trapped inside of you?

Only one cure for that: getting a fucking sick motorcycle. A 1971 Honda CB350. This golden lady will get you to work like a full-blown go hard, transport you and your shotgun through the zombie apocalypse, and give you a new platform for barreling down the boulevard with the wind tearing at your clothes screaming, “I AM ALIVE!” on the way to fucking bikram yoga.

Runs like corn through a goose. Engine rebuilt a year ago with ~400 miles on it since then. 

I put new tires on the old girl, because you don’t deprive a classy lady of classy shoes. I gave her a new chain because she needed some fucking jewelry.

Electric start, kickstart, fucking push start, you name it.

Why am I selling it? Cos being alive rules, and I’m far too gnarly of a dude to have a motorcycle. I see a ramp, I’m gonna hit that motherfucker going 300 mph, backflip over the 405. 

$2300 gets you the Golden Lady, two helmets, some fucking saddlebags, a shop manual, a quart of oil (plus all the oil that’s up in her right now), a full tank of PREMIUM MOTHERFUCKING GASOLINE (91 octaaaaaannneeee), some links to my favorite YouTube videos, a short story about robots, a cup of coffee with me, and whatever kind of donut you want.” 

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Cafe Racer Design Source
Honda CB 400T @caferacerdesign

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Anonymous said: What song is is your pomade video on YouTube?

House of the rising sum by bohemian vendetta

corazonbohemio said: Hey man sick blog. So you're from Yuba city?

Yes I am!


Dear subscribers. As you can see, this blog has no advertising and I don’t make any money for keeping it up. That being said, I do need some support. My girlfriend Anna is finally getting signed with the big boy agencies in LA and Miami so I’d like to help her out with some fans on Instagram. I will post a few more pictures in time and I’d appreciate your support. Please reblog :)

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I’m reblogging this everyday.

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who is she

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